Two Putney By-Elections

Two Putney council by-elections in two years.  The first, last year  in Thamesfield ward (Putney town centre and riverside), gave Labour a 13.5% swing in the safest Conservative ward in the borough – a swing unrepeated anywhere in the country since (or for some time previously).  The second, last week’s Southfields and Wandsworth town by-election – a ward securely Tory […]

Josh Ostrowski Josh Ostrowski

Getting organised in rural seats like Yeovil

In so many of our rural areas our Party has collapsed. It ceases to be relevant, is inward looking, inactive and isolated from the wider community. Often, the local party will not even meet or knock on doors. In such circumstances it is hardly surprising that ‘Labour can’t win here’ is the Lib Dems’ message. So, it is unsurprising that […]

Labour Rose Labour Rose

Submission to Refounding Labour

The Labour Values team has put together a comprehensive submission to Peter Hain’s Refounding Labour consultation. You can download the whole document as a PDF here.

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Lessons from Aldershot

As a Parliamentary Candidate standing for Labour at the last General Election, it became clear that many of our supporters felt that the previous Labour Government weren’t listening to us any more but also seemed  to be on the wrong side of the political fence. One such group was the Gurkhas who had served in the British Army prior to […]

Gurkhas Gurkhas

Golden tickets in Wirral South

I am very lucky.  I represent in Westminster the place where I was born and grew up. My parents and grandparents are my constituents.  When I stood for election, my school mate, Jenny, who sat next to me in A level Politics many years ago, was my agent.  On the campaign trail, there was barely a street that did not […]

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How to widen the access of Labour parliamentary candidates and MPs
Labour Rosette

Since Labour currently has the time for reflection in its bid to reconnect with the public and prove it is once more a ‘people’s party’ we have the opportunity to look at how we end up with the people’s representatives we have. It has always been difficult to ensure that Labour’s political representatives were representatives in more than just name. […]

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Connecting to Win – at and after Liverpool 2011

‘Connecting to Win’ was an event jointly organised by Labour Values and Movement for Change at Labour Party Annual Conference 2011 in Liverpool. The aims of the event, in which 55 party members from all up and down the country participated, were to (1) share successes in developing our membership and working with our broader communities; (2) consider the challenges we face with this […]

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Connecting to Win
Connecting to Win

When I was the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Aldershot at the last general election, I worked alongside local Labour councillors who practiced community politics. One example was when we jointly campaigned for the regeneration of Aldershot Town Centre, asking local residents how they wanted the town centre regenerated by Conservative-run Rushmoor District Council. I also worked very closely with Aldershot […]

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The Party needs a General Secretary who’s serious about Refounding Labour

What a momentous few weeks for the Labour Party. No, not another post on Ed’s (bold and brilliant) leadership over recent days, hacks hacking or cops copping it; I’m talking about the thousands of responses submitted to Peter Hain’s Refounding Labour consultation, and this week’s important election of a new General Secretary for our party. Whether Iain McNicol or Chris […]

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We don’t have to choose between the party and community organising
Karin Christiansen

With the re-launch of “movement for change” there are some important debates that need to be started within the party, but also a few that we really need to move beyond. We should stop debating whether community organising is an ends or a means, whether it is about winning elections or empowering communities.  It is both. People can prioritise and […]

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