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We are committed to a Labour party that:
  • becomes a mass participation progressive movement
  • empowers members, activists, and supporters with the tools and resources to transform their communities
  • invests authority in the people and groups that deliver this change

Harnessing the surge

A double-whammy in The Guardian today from Harriet Harman and John Prescott: a surge in Labour membership, but we have to harness this new support: ‘Harriet Harman, the interim Labour leader, says a new breed of young political activist, committed to opposing the coalition government and the Liberal Democrats in particular, is joining Labour at a rate of 1,000 a […]

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Southwark’s Story
Southwark Image

Rebuilding Labour’s reputation in Bermondsey In 2002, Labour didn’t win a single seat in Bermondsey & Old Southwark and lost control of the council. In 2010, we reclaimed six seats and delivered a Labour majority. We have shown how a bottom-up campaign, led by local members working in the community can rebuild Labour’s reputation with the electorate. Change wasn’t easy. […]

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What we’ve learned so far
Door-to-door, face-to-face, neighbour-to-neighbour

Labour values is beginning to fill up with informative campaign case studies from Labour Party branches around the country, and the first nine appear to have lessons for all of us.

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Stop looking gift horses in the mouth

When I moved to the area, I thought it would be fun to get involved with my local Labour Party.  I wrote to a number of councillors offering to help wherever I could, and mentioned that I had a background in fundraising and events management. After a few weeks, I still hadn’t heard back and decided to approach my local […]

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Why are people (re)joining the Party?

The somewhat surprising news from one constituency is that people are joining the party again, a contrast with the common view of the continuing decline in membership. One activist has recruited 10 new members (against a target of 50! By the by, how useful is that target? Has he failed or has he succeeded? Is he more or less motivated? […]

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Change the world, not the minutes

Too much precious time is wasted at local Party meetings on inward-looking and anachronistic bureaucracy. Masquerading as internal democracy, it bears almost no relation to the communities outside who need our support. We need to get out there, get relevant, and get real.

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Loadsa leaflets

Since I joined the Labour party, the only thing I’ve been asked to do during campaigns is deliver leaflets.  It feels like a big waste of time and it must put a lot of people off getting involved.   If we want to attract new members we need to get them involved in inspiring campaigns, not use them as unpaid postmen.

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New section

This is a new section of the Labour Values website. Please send us your stories.

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Lewisham East makes contact

Labour in Lewisham East was faced with a peculiarly well-funded Liberal Democrat campaign. Ultimately their challenge was seen off, and a healthy 6216 majority secured, by two factors. Campaigning for a general election began two years earlier – obviously not at the same intensity as in 2010, but all branches within the CLP campaigned with renewed vigour from 2008 onwards. […]

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Re-building our party from the ground up
Ed Balls MP

“We must seize the chance of this leadership election to renew the Labour Party from the ground up and re-engage with the communities we are elected to serve” writes Ed Balls for Labour values.

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